Half-day Hike in the world heritage site

Kvarken Archipelago's exceptional geological values, the rapid land uplift and post-glacial landscape, have made it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Besides geological attraction, the Kvarken Archipelago has its unique vibe, varying terrain and hiking trails to offer. During this half-day hike we are taking you on a beautiful nature trail in Björkö island as well as to Svedjehamn’s sightseeing tower giving the best view to world heritage.

day trail or two-day hike in västerö

Grand rocks, quite steep ups and downs, and a real sense of wilderness that suddenly meets the sea, reddish pebbles and open landscapes − all these features describe well the rough beauty of nature paths going through protected area of Västerö. Here you can choose an easy and short route suitable for families or a bit more challenging and longer route if you are looking for deeper outdoor experience. Join us for a full-day or a two-day hike.

Family-hike in Bergö island

This full-day hike takes the whole family on an adventure in the Kvarken World Heritage Site. Taking a walk along Bergö’s nature trail is like living a story in a wonderland thanks to Lars-Göran Söderholm’s exciting and fun art work presenting local birds and mammals that will be brought alive through interesting facts, Finnish epic Kalevala, and African mythology.

Three-day hike exploring levaneva

Levaneva conservation area, with its expanse bogs and rich flora and fauna, offers visitors a true experience of wilderness. During this 3-day hike we are going to walk in total about 25 kilometers following a route that is part of Kurjenkierros, the “loop of crane”. Levaneva is an excellent option for hikers who are looking for quiet and rewarding time in nature. This is your chance to dive into Finnish mindset through experiencing the silence, bogs and forest, the slow cooking food on the fire and Northern stars or the midnight sun in the sky.

Family-hike in levaneva

This hike is designed specially for families with children wishing to explore nature together for a day. The programme is taking different age groups into account and offers also educative information of local flora, fauna and history. The primary goal of the day is however to have fun and explore nature together.